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The CEO Library Podcast

What happens when you bring together entrepreneurs who are always thirsty to learn more, to read more, to improve and grow? That’s what we wanted to find out through The CEO Library podcast. 🙂

It’s the place where we, members of the team (Cristina, Bobby, Vlad, Theo) talk about growing businesses, learning from mentors & books, sharing thoughts and wisdom from our own experience. We also have internal book-club chats, where we give our 2 cents on what books we read.

And we’ll sometimes bring guests, people we admire, so that we can learn from them as well, ask them about their mistakes & the books that helped them along their entrepreneurial journey.

We believe that the fastest way to learn is by facing criticism, so we wanted to get this podcast out as soon as possible. We launched it in December 2017 and planned to release 10 episodes, a new and diverse one every week, and see how it goes.

More than 10 episodes later… You can’t doubt our thirst for knowledge, nor our love for books. However, we tend to chit-chat about so many random business & personal improvement related stuff, that we sometimes can’t make our minds on what topics to approach.

So, if you have a driven desire to hear a podcast about something specific that’s related to books & entrepreneurship, we’re more than open to suggestions. And we’re always looking for ways to improve, so we’d love any thoughts or feedback from you!

Just use the contact form, we read and seriously consider every single word. But please be gentle, we have feelings. 🙂

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Latest Episode:

Episode #11: WHY you should always start with WHY? [Book Club Talk]

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