About “The CEO Library”

The founders of the largest companies in the world share a common trait: they’re all avid readers, driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Every day they’re dedicating hours to deliberately learn new things.

Warren Buffett is renowned for spending most of his day reading and attributes his success to a book. He considers Paul Graham’s ‘The Intelligent Investor’ to be the best investment he’s ever made, saying that his financial life changed with that purchase.

When asked how he learned to build rockets, Elon Musk said: “I read books”. He didn’t just read them, he devoured them, even before planning to go to Mars.

Bill Gates is also known for reading tons of books per year and reviewing them afterwards on his blog.

Books are an underrated opportunity to access valuable knowledge and mentors. At the same time, they’re also potential huge time wasters. Let’s be honest: most of them are bloated (they should have been long articles!), filled with nonsense or media-hyped.

And just because we’re reading the same books that impacted those business leaders we admire, it’s no guarantee that we’ll ever become as successful as them. We need to take into consideration survivorship bias, as well as luck and context – important factors when it comes to maximizing a startup’s success.

Why The CEO Library?

Our mission is to help you figure out the right books that will make a difference in your entrepreneurial journey. To put those books into context, show you what, why and when you should read, but also how you can apply those lessons when you’re building a business, thus saving you your most valuable asset: time.

To be clear: we’re helping you read with intent, not just for leisure or general education. There’s expertise behind these choices we help you make. We put a lot of time into making sense out of clutter, tearing those books apart and figuring out which are the ones for your current context and needs.

The CEO Library was started in September 2017 by Cristina Chipurici and Bobby Voicu, two old friends who are avid readers and passionate about entrepreneurship.

It is a project built at the intersection of our long-lasting relationship with reading, and the strong desire to know what books influenced the people we admire. The initial idea behind this website was a pure selfish reasons: to gather in a single place all the books that shaped the journey of business people we look up to.

Meet the team:

Cristina Chipurici
Cristina’s the CEO and co-founder of The CEO Library. Reading is the default activity that she falls back to when she isn’t working or… running on mountain trails.

Whatsoever, this hasn’t always been the case. When she was just a small kid, she self-taught herself how to read and devoured everything from her parent’s bookshelves (even those reads inappropriate for her age). This changed when Cristina started school and reading became mandatory. From a pleasant activity, it turned into something she rejected. Years went by without her finishing even one book. Only when school education was officially over, was she able to enjoy reading once again.

Cristina’s now painfully aware of everything that she didn’t learn, all those years when others gained an advantage by absorbing knowledge from books. She made it her mission to help others avoid doing the same mistake as her.

In the event of a fire at her place, she’d save Ryan Holiday‘s and Tim Ferriss‘ books.

Bobby Voicu
He’s an avid reader, entrepreneur and investor.

Reading was always his “hobby”, no matter what else was going on in his life. From fiction (he loves SciFi books) to non-fiction (business books and biographies, mostly), he’s reading a lot when he has the chance.

At some point in 2017 he looked at his Kindle and asked himself: Why did I download all these books? Who recommended them?

This is how the idea for The CEO Library came to exist. He then asked Cristina, with whom he founded another project about 10 years ago, to join and, hopefully, the rest is history 🙂

Vlad Balan
Not necessarily a bookworm, but Vlad loved his Jules Verne collection when he was a kid. He found the way that man sparked his imagination absolutely fascinating.

Fast forward 20 years and he was running websites, creating content, doing online marketing, living the self-employed life but reading was now missing from his life. You know the good old excuse which seems to be everyone’s favorite these days: “I love reading, would love to do it more often, I just don’t have the time”. But he decided he would make time, so now, a few years later, he’s the proud owner of a magnificent reading habit, even though he now has absolutely nothing to say when during a night out with friends, the topic switches to TV series.

Despite reading a couple of business books at certain moments in his life (especially his professional life), business reading seriously started since joining The CEO Library team and he couldn’t be happier about it. He does that when he’s not busy being nagged by the rest of the team about something that doesn’t work properly on the website.

Theo Grigore also contributed to our mission for almost one year, as an editor and copywriter.