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One of the coolest things about building The CEO Library is that we get the chance to talk to a lot of interesting people in different fields of activities about books. Entrepreneurs, startup founders, executives, people passionate about they do, they share their favorite books, what they learned from them and talk to us about their reading habits.

So if you’re not sure what book to read next or you’re struggling to find time to read, this could be a great starting point.

Most recent interviews

Gilles Bernhard

Co-Founder of SCPlanner

Benjamin Spall

Co-author of My Morning Routine

Foti Panagio

Founder of GrowthMentor.io

Jacqui Pretty

Founder of Grammar Factory

Naveen Jain

Entrepreneur, Founder of Moon Express, Viome

Kai Yeo

Partner & Creative Director of BUREAU

Jules Schroeder

Founder of Visionary Life

Todd Henry

Founder of Accidental Creative & Author

Catalina Penciu

Food blogger & Photographer

Omar Zenhom and Nicole Baldinu

Founders of The $100 MBA

Ken Coleman

Radio Host of The Ken Coleman Show

Park Howell

Founder of The Business of Story

Darrah Brustein

Founder of Network Under 40

Hong Qi Yu

Founder/TOKENIZE Exchange

Catherine Plano

Executive Coach & Leadership Development Professional

Nicolae Andronic

Founder of Echoz

Drew McLellan

Owner of Agency Management Institute & McLellan Marketing Group

Joseph Liu

Career Consultant & Host of the Career Relaunch Podcast