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Jeff Tan

Peak Performance Pilot & Life Coach, Owner of REVinspires.me and Sticky Steps

Sarissa Rodriguez-Schwartz

Founder & Managing Director of SJS Group

Stephen Lew

Director of Training and Development of The School of Positive Psychology

Cory Zue

Software Developer, Entrepreneur

Jessica Lauria and Karen Pfaff Manganillo

Creators of Another Fucking Tote

Ryan Len

Founder & Design Director at The Workbench

James Stanley

Founder of SMS Privacy

Alison Alvarez

CEO and Co-Founder of BlastPoint

Nicky Cullen

Anxiety Coach, Writer

Bill Earner

Managing Partner, Co-Founder of Connect Ventures

Kimberly Gloria Choi

Founder of Marchbaby Collective

Andi Dumitrescu

Musician, Leader of Bucium folk-rock band, Film Maker

Marc Montagne

Co-Founder of ToolWatch

Antonio Eram

CEO & Co-Founder of NETOPIA mobilPay

Sha-En Yeo

Founder of Positive Education

Damien Mulley

Owner of Mulley Communications

Tudor Mihailescu

Finance and Business Enablement Manager at a Top Multinational Corporation

Jesper Bylund

Co-Founder of BlankPage