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Bobby Voicu is the founder of this website and the former CEO of a gaming company. And a current CEO, when you consider he’s running The CEO Library.

While you can find lots of interesting recommended books all over The CEO Library, this particular part of it, Bobby’s blog, is not restricted to just books and business.

You can also read about games – mobile and console, TV series, sports, travel, Bobby’s home office and anything else he wants to write about.

This is here to show you that a CEO’s life is not just about his current or previous business. Or just focusing on improving himself and his business. It’a about everything else, as well. Like living a life you enjoy.

Books to Read in February 2020 [Poll] – The CEO Library Book Club

by Bobby on January 28, 2020

Update: Here are the results: Man’s Search for Meaning – The Classic Tribute to Hope from the Holocaust, by Victor E. Frankl Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones, by James Clear Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World, by David Epstein Trillion Dollar Coa [...]

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Stupid ideas: the good, the… good?

by Bobby on January 24, 2020

"I just started a gaming company and we make Solitaire games!" "Well, that's stupid!" That was me in 2012, telling a friend about the new project I just started. He still is my friend (I know!) and he is a smart guy. And he genuinely thought it was a stupid idea. And I still remind him of that discussion. Of [...]

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Home Office Bookshelves: Reviews with Comparisons

by Bobby on January 21, 2020

A home office space not only needs to be functional, but it also has to possess character. It has to be conducive to hard work and productivity, as well as comfort and reading time. reading your books, going through tons of files, or finishing up an important project. Well, motivation is the last thing you’re going t [...]

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Space for Disorganization: The organized chaos we all need

by Bobby on January 19, 2020

There was a joke in communist Romania: “At an exam for policemen, they are given a ball and a cube and a board with two holes: one round and one square. The task: fit the cube and ball through the board in front. The conclusion of the exam: 5% of the policemen are quite smart, 95% are really strong.” W [...]

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Best acting I’ve ever seen

by Bobby on January 16, 2020

I've been watching The Crown in the last week or so. Yesterday I got to episode 9 of the first season, called Assassins (light spoiler ahead). The context is this: Winston Churchill sits for a portrait with a famous painter - Graham Sutherland. It's the Prime Minister's 80th birthday and he was given the opportu [...]

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Sit on the Toilet and Read 10 Books per Year (or How to Make the Best Out of a Sh!%ty Situation)

by Bobby on January 6, 2020

20 minutes. That's how much you need to read per day to reach your goal of 10 books read in a year. Most of us spend that time on the toilet every day. And when we do, we browse mindlessly through the Instagram feed or the Reddit "Popular" tab, as I do. Yes, that’s it: 20 minutes per day. And 20 minutes [...]

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[Poll] How Many Books do You Want to Read in 2020?

by Bobby on January 6, 2020

I was talking to someone about how long it takes to read 10 books a year. I actually took the time to find out, you can read about it here. Then I decided I wanted to read about 30 books this year (2020) after failing at my 50 books challenge in 2019. I only read 20-something. How many books do you want to read? [...]

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Daily Reading to Yearly Reading Goal Calculator

by Bobby on January 6, 2020

If you want to find out how much time you need to read daily in order to reach your yearly reading goal, use this calculator. If you need instructions and see the numbers we used in the formula, read below the form. [uCalc id=252817 name=DailyReadingCalculator] We used these elements in our formula: 1. Numb [...]

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Blogging as a Lean Startup

by Bobby on January 5, 2020

I have a good friend that wants to start up a blog. And he has so many interesting things to say, I would read his blog. Well, this brilliant guy started his blog about a year ago. In his head. He knows what kind of articles he'll write, how long they will be, how great they will be. The issue? The articles are [...]

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The Decade in Review cornucopia of links

by Bobby on January 2, 2020

I've sent this list of links to The CEO Library Newsletter, but I feel I should publish it on the site as well. This doesn't normally happen, but I will make an exception for this Decade in Review series. Once in a decade, for sure! If you wonder what else I send to the weekly newsletter, see here. Here are all t [...]

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