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Jul 19, 2018 | Posted by Cristina in Articles

Lately I’ve been looking into new ways to stay in touch with our community of aspiring entrepreneurs, but also to make sure that we are able to reach everyone that’s interested into our content and not depend on an algorithm that might change (or might not change) overnight – as it happens with most social networks these days.

After using it myself for more than a year, I’ve decided to create a dedicated Telegram channel just for The CEO Library.

So far I’ve just been infrequently posting there interesting things that I ran into, such as:
– Quotes that caught my attention from the books that I’m reading.
– Books recommended by successful entrepreneurs that I already read & what I’ve learned from them.
– Food for thought – all sorts of ideas or phrases taken from the interviews with the entrepreneurs we’ve had the chance to interview.

I should note that the newsletter is still our number 1 priority and there’s where the serious heavy content goes. Telegram is just a fun alternative to let you know what we’ve been up to.

So, if you have a Telegram account and been using the app (either on mobile or desktop), come and join our channel! 🙂 You can also just search after our name and you’ll easily find it.

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