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Bill Gates (Founder / Microsoft)

Ray Dalio has provided me with invaluable guidance and insights.

Arianna Huffington (Founder / HuffPost)

[Ray’s Principles are] filled with such wisdom.

Diddy (Singer)

Ray’s my mentor. . . Principles changed my life.

Mark Cuban (Entrepreneur / Shark Tank)

Principles is the book I wish I’d had as a young entrepreneur.

Marc Benioff (CEO / Salesforce)

Principles is a must-read.

Michael Bloomberg (Founder / Bloomberg)

Everyone with goals and dreams can learn from Ray’s approach.

Reed Hastings (Founder & CEO / Netflix)

Principles had a profound positive impact on my leadership style.

Tony Robbins (Motivational Speaker and Author)

I found Principles to be truly extraordinary.

Tim Ferriss (Author)

[Ray’s Principles] has already changed how I think about making decisions in my life and in my business.

Amazon description

Principles for Success distills Ray Dalio’s 600-page bestseller, Principles: Life & Work, down to an easy-to-read and entertaining format that’s acces­sible to readers of all ages. It contains the key elements of the unconven­tional principles that helped Dalio become one of the world’s most suc­cessful people—and that have now been read and shared by millions worldwide—including how to set goals, learn from mistakes, and collaborate with others to produce exceptional results. Whether you’re already a fan of the ideas in Princi­ples or are discovering them for the first time, this illustrated guide will help you achieve success in having the life that you want to have.

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