Stephane Grand

On The Happy Life

by Seneca

The Gathering Storm ...

by Winston S. Churchill

The Centurions

by Jean Larteguy

We Were Soldiers Onc...

by Harold G. Moore, Joseph L. Galloway

The Ego and His Own:...

by Max Stirner

Zhuangzi: Basic Writ...

by Zhuangzi

The Naked Ape: A Zoo...

by Desmond Morris

Across the Pacific

by Akira Iriyie

The Forest Passage

by Ernst Junger

Thus Spoke Zarathust...

by Friedrich Nietzsche

The Gay Science

by Friedrich Nietzsche

Outliers: The Story ...

by Malcolm Gladwell

The Prince

by Machiavelli


by Knut Hamsun

The Book of Five Rin...

by Miyamoto Musashi


by Marcus Aurelius


by George Orwell