Who should be the main person in a startup to pitch to an investor? [Video & Transcript]

Apr 28, 2020 | Posted by Bobby in Bobby Voicu's Playground

The CEO. And there’s no room for negotiation here. The video at the end of this post explains why.

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At an investor pitch, who should be the main person to pitch?

First of all, let’s put in the context: I’m talking here about early stage startups: seed rounds, A series, maybe B-series. If I’m the investor, the person that needs to be pitching is the founder CEO of the company. Because that’s the person that will implement the vision of the company, that’s the person that I’m going to ask about the evolution of the company.

So basically, if you have a founder that’s the CEO, but he doesn’t go and raise money, he doesn’t go and talk to investors, you need to reanalyze the structure of your company, because the best salesperson of the company, whether it comes to customers or to investors, is the CEO of the company.

If the CEO can’t sell, then he shouldn’t be the CEO. So yes, if you’re looking for an investment, that person needs to be the one pitching. Obviously, somebody else can create the first contacts and that’s alright, but if you go to an investor and ask for money, it shouldn’t be any other than the guy implementing the vision in the long term.

If you’re a programmer, if you’re a tech person that doesn’t know how to sell, learn! Because nobody else is gonna do it for you this early in a startup.

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