Is Saturday a Business Day?

May 07, 2020 | Posted by Bobby in Bobby Voicu's Blog

Sounds funny, right?

“Is Saturday a business day?”

Short answer: No, for some. Yes, for some others.

Even shorter answer: if you’re an entrepreneur, YES, Saturday is a business day!

Now the longer version and explanations.

I was born in communist Romania. For the first almost 5 years of school, until the fall of the communism, I went to school on Saturdays. Granted, they were “short” days (we had just half of the normal week day hours), but we still went to school on Saturdays.

Back to present day, most of my entrepreneur friends also work on Saturdays. They might not go to the office, but they work on Saturdays. Well, if you are an entrepreneur, do you ever really “leave” your job?

There is a real reason, though, why people would ask themselves if Saturday is a business day. And it usually has to do with working with government or financial institutions (banks, mainly).

In my experience, most of them don’t work on Saturdays. They might have an office or two that are open on Saturdays, but you need to call ahead or look online for their schedules.

Here are some areas where people generally DON’T work on Saturdays:

– government offices
– financial institutions
– lawyer offices
– notary offices

I’m sure there are more, but these are the ones most people want to know about.

If you really want to know what a business day is, here’s a Wikipedia link.

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