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Damien Mulley

Owner of Mulley Communications

Tudor Mihailescu

Finance and Business Enablement Manager at a Top Multinational Corporation

Jesper Bylund

Co-Founder of BlankPage

Catherine Molloy

Managing Director of Auspac Business Advantage

AnneMarie Schindler

Owner of Small Wins Consulting

Yeo Xi-Wei

Director of Living Theories

Kaci Lambe Kai

Writer, Photographer, Designer

Tudor Teodorescu

Creator of Transylvania Uncharted

Marvin Liao

Partner at 500 Startups

Seth Louey

CEO & Co-Founder of BotList

Julia Enthoven

Co-Founder of Kapwing

Emi Gal

CEO/Teads Studio

Sergey Sapelnyk

Co-Founder of Society Socks

Kevin Lamping

Creator of WebdriverIO Online Course

Thomas Graziani

Co-Founder of WalktheChat

Benjamin Kwan

Co-Founder of TravelClef

Andrew Elliott

Founder of GoDesignerGo

Alan Pierce

CEO/Ansuz Balder Magni Investments