Irina Marinescu

Co-Founder and Product Manager at Save Potatoes

Mark Moses

Founding Partner and CEO of CEO Coaching International

Dominic Steil

Co-Founder and CTO/Dapps Inc

Yuriy Zaremba


Anant Jain

Co-Founder of CommonLounge

AnneMarie Schindler

Owner of Small Wins Consulting

Liam Martin

Co-Founder of TimeDoctor &

Sonia Micu

Founder of NALU

Nick Loper

Chief Side-Hustler at Side Hustle Nation

Faisal Amin

Co-Founder of Fruitbowl Digital

Darrah Brustein

Founder of Network Under 40

Andrew Youderian

Founder of eCommerceFuel

Yeo Xi-Wei

Director of Living Theories

Tudor Mihailescu

Finance and Business Enablement Manager at a Top Multinational Corporation

Daylon Soh

Product, Growth & Design Architect

Audrey Russo

President & CEO of Pittsburgh Technology Council

Fabrice Grinda

Tech Entrepreneur, Investor

Ella Zheng

Partner and Art Director at The Workbench