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Joseph Liu

Career Consultant & Host of the Career Relaunch Podcast

Michael Woodward

CEO & Founder of jumbleThink

David McCammon

Professional Photographer

Virginia LeBlanc

Founder of Defining Paths

Andrew Youderian

Founder of eCommerceFuel

Mark Struczewski

Host of the The Mark Struczewski Podcast

Christopher Lochhead

Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur and Podcast Host

Timur Badretdinov

Founder of Longcaller

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Entrepreneur, Author

Thom Singer

Professional Speaker, Podcast Host at Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do

Cody McLain

CEO of SupportNinja

Nick Loper

Chief Side-Hustler at Side Hustle Nation

Jochen Siepmann

Property Investing Mentor & Author

Tee-Ming Chew

Co-Founder of Seedly

Liam Martin

Co-Founder of TimeDoctor & Staff.com

Katie Keith

Operations Director at Barn2 Media

Pedro Cortés

Independent Designer & Consultant

Igor Debatur

CEO of UploadCare