How to find a startup cofounder (and convince them to join you)

May 06, 2020 | Posted by Bobby in Articles

What’s the best way to convince someone to join you as a co-founder of your startup? Maybe the better question is: is there a best way to find a startup cofounder?

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What’s the best way to find a startup cofounder to join in my business idea?

The answer is… I don’t know how YOU should do it! There is no best way to convince someone.

Identify compatible people

Your skills and mine are completely different between us and they’re different from someone else’s skills. What you need to do is go and try to identify a startup cofounder that is compatible with you, not with a fictional idea of what they should be.

Start by trying to convince these people that you identified. If you fail, ask them for feedback: why don’t they want to join you as a cofounder? And then improve on that.

Because your skills will definitely be different than my skills or the skills of my cofounders’ at MavenHut. The three of us (I, Cristi and Elvis), we worked together on another project before founding MavenHut, so we already knew each other.

And how we found each other initially? Well they were service providers for another gaming project I tried before MavenHut. And I found them on the recommendation of my cousin. Which knew both Cristi and Elvis.

The answer to the questions is: basically look for people with compatible skills and ask them to join. And if they don’t see the the beauty of your idea and the greatness of your idea, the problem is not with them but it’s with you.

Either the idea is stupid or you can’t really sell the idea

So learn how to sell the idea. This is a skill that you need as a founder anyway. And if you’re incapable to convince one person to join you, how will you expect to convince others to buy what you’re creating?


The only way to find a startup cofounder is to improve on the feedback received. This means you should actually ask for feedback and listen to it. A lot of startup founders just think they already know everything so they don’t need to listen. If you keep failing, this might be the reason: you don’t actually know everything and you lack the capacity to improve.

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