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Why Entrepreneurs Should Stay Away from Business Biographies & Memoirs [Podcast Talk]

Mar 01, 2018 | Posted by Cristina in Podcast

This podcast episode started from a simple question: what biographies & memoirs did we, the team behind The CEO Library, read?

We’ve all started and built several businesses in the past decade, we’re all avid readers (obviously), but that’s where the similarities between us end.

That’s because we have different interests, experiences and biases. Even when we read the same books, our opinions might have nothing in common.

Whatsoever, we did agree on this: you should always read business biographies with a pinch of salt, and memoirs from non-business fields, such as sports, might inspire you more.

Tune in and find out what biographies and memoirs we read and recommend, what we learned from them, why we were disappointed by some, and how sports biographies helped us (and our mental health):

Mentioned in this episode (hope I didn’t miss any):

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