Daily Reading to Yearly Reading Goal Calculator

If you want to find out how much time you need to read daily in order to reach your yearly reading goal, use this calculator.

If you need instructions and see the numbers we used in the formula, read below the form.

We used these elements in our formula:

1. Number of books you want to read yearly
This is self explanatory. It is your yearly goal. For 2020 mine is 30 books.

2. Reading speed:

The average speed of reading for an adult is 200-250 words per minute, as mentioned here. Use a conservative number if you're not sure. 220 words per minute is good. If you want to test your reading speed, I tested mine at Free Reading Test and their tests seem pretty good.

3. Page length:

Most books have around 250-300 words per page (I found this information here and it seems true). I’m using 300 words to be conservative in the calculations.

4. Book length:

An adult book is about 300 pages (90,000 words). There are longer and shorter books, of course, but I thought it is a good average to use in my calculations. My experience with non-fiction books is that, with the exception of biographies, they are around this size.

5. Number of days in a year

I didn't use 365/366, I used 360 days in a year. It gives a little bit more wiggle room for some days when you're not able to read.

I used the above calculator when I realized you can read 10 books per year just by reading on the toilet.