How Did We Validate MavenHut’s Solitaire Arena Business Idea? [Video]

May 21, 2020 | Posted by Bobby in Bobby Voicu's Playground

I’ve detailed the process a lot more in this article:
How to Validate a Software/App Idea with Less than $200: A Case Study of MavenHut’s Solitaire Arena

Now, to the video and the transcript:

How did you validate your startup idea?

When we started MavenHut, we knew that people love to play Solitaire, right?

We didn’t know that people liked or wanted to play solitaire against each other, so what we’ve done is this: we created a landing page where we said that we would build this kind of multiplayer Solitaire game.

Then we drove some users through Facebook ads to that page and we basically asked them (the potential users) if they would like to play one vs one Solitaire. And we asked them to click on a button to basically validate their intent to play.

We’ve had about 160 people coming on the page and about 120, maybe, of them said they would like to play this kind of game. There’s an article on the site, where I describe the entire process with numbers and with all the details that we went through in order for us to validate Solitaire Arena.

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