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The Camera

By Ansel Adams

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David McCammon (Photographer / )

There are so many books I have read that gave me wonderful insight about what I was experiencing at the time. It becomes a part of me and my process – a long slow build if you will. Early on 2 photography books grabbed me by the collar and tossed me around. Ansel Adams' "The Camera" and "Images 1923-1974" and Yousuf Karsh's "Faces of Our Time" both showed me what I wanted to do with my life. They set the bar incredibly high for technique and expression. There have been many others since who stand beside them.

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This is an atrractively priced photography classic made accessible to a wider, new audience. It covers everything from seeing the finished photo in advance, to lens choices. It is illustrated with many of Ansel Adams most famous images.

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