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I have invested the last 10 years in training, people development and learning design. I suggest that anyone who wants to try this path should first read "The Art and Science of Training" by Elaine Biech. It will give them a very clear idea if this is for them or not. Then they can participate in a public speaking course to see if they like being in front, or a design thinking workshop to see if they like prototyping. Other than that, it's a lot of learning by doing. There are many books out there on instructional design, gamification etc., but whatever is out there, needs testing and piloting first.

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There are more similarities than differences between how artists and scientists work. Both ask countless questions. Both search in earnest for answers. Both are dedicated to reaching the best results. Not so different from today's trainers, are they?

Elaine Biech, one of the most highly regarded names in talent development, has set out to identify the perfect blend of content mastery and audience insight. The result is this highly informative book. The Art and Science of Training presents the science for learning and development, but it also emphasizes that training success lies in knowing what to do when things don't go as planned.

Discover how top facilitators always put learners first, even when faced with exceptions to the ruleā€”the unwilling learner, the uninformed supervisor, the inappropriate delivery medium, or the unmanageable performance challenge. And learn why you must understand people, not only content, to ensure consistently exceptional learning experiences.

Science is both a body of knowledge and a process. Art is the expression of creativity and imagination. Where they intersect is the best way to help others learn and grow.

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