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Max Gurvits (Director / Cross Border Angels)

I donʼt think a single book changed the way I see things or my career path. Iʼm trying hard to think now of something that impacted me in such a way… Maybe to some extent James Altucher did (James Altucher - How to be the Luckiest Person Alive!). Heʼs kind of a recognized author nowadays, but I remember following him on Twitter 7-8 years ago, when he was still up and coming, and his almost comical, seemingly self-destructive advice on just doing your thing and not paying attention to others made a lot of sense to me.

I was at that time in the midst of my first company, which looking back did alright, and all of us co-founders have done well, but as it was developing it was really the proverbial roller-coaster from the startup war stories. And much like with Richard Feynman whom I already mentioned above, Altucherʼs witty observations on living life and doing business were a great source of support.

Later, in 2011, the book came out based on his earlier blog posts and I remember pre-ordering it just out of gratitude for those earlier writings. And I have to admit, I havenʼt really been reading him since then.

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Building from the core you can create the luck you need, the health you want, and find the wealth, success, and happiness you seek. This book describes the techniques I've used throughout my life to get the luck I needed to get through both the hard times and the great times.

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