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Here’s a few books I recommend (in this order) on learning how to write effective copy:

  • The Boron Letters by Gary Halbert;
  • Advertising Secrets of the Written Word by Joseph Sugerman;
  • Kickass Writing Secrets of a Marketing Rebel by John Carlton.

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Learn advertising, copywriting, marketing and creativity from the man who made millions of dollars from the power of his pen. Many marketing experts teach you to put benefits in your headlines, use plenty of pictures and make your copy brief and to the point. Joseph Sugarman defied the experts by developing his own style of advertising that not only produced spectacular results but started a new wave in direct response marketing.

Sugarman's style and his JS&A ads are legendary. He created advertising that grabbed the reader's attention and didn't let go. In print ads that were motivational, entertaining and often educational, his copy enriched the lives of those who read his words. A lucky few have been literally enriched by learning at Sugarman's $3,000 seminars. And that's the point of this book. Advertising Secrets of the Written Word takes you through his entire seminar process - from the techniques he uses to write copy to the psychological triggers that cause people to buy, plus plenty of ad examples that illustrate his points.

This book is full of compelling insights into the buying process, the use of salesmanship in advertising and the techniques that Sugarman uses to grab attention and keep it while convincing prospects to exchange their hard-earned money to buy a product or service. He also relates numerous case histories - stories of his successes (and failures) and those of others. And Sugarman has been highly recognized by his peers.

He was selected Direct Marketing Man of the Year, won the distinguished Maxwell Sackheim Award for his career contributions to direct marketing and became a role model for many in sales and marketing. If you are a copywriter, a marketing person, somebody who enjoys a few fabulous success stories or if you just plain like Sugarman's writing style, this book will grab you and keep you fascinated - just like one of his uniquely innovative ads.

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