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Bobby Voicu’s search for the perfect home office

Home Office Bookshelves: Reviews with Comparisons

A home office space not only needs to be functional, but it also has to possess character. It has to be conducive to hard work and productivity, as well as comfort and reading time. reading your books, going through tons of files, or finishing up an important project. Well, motivation is the last thing you’re going t [...]

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Space for Disorganization: The organized chaos we all need

There was a joke in communist Romania: “At an exam for policemen, they are given a ball and a cube and a board with two holes: one round and one square. The task: fit the cube and ball through the board in front. The conclusion of the exam: 5% of the policemen are quite smart, 95% are really strong.” W [...]

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My Search for the Perfect Home Office Reading Chair

Before reading this article, just so you know, The CEO Library may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. If you found your way to this article because you used to think “the type of chair” you used didn’t matter, then you likely learned the hard way that it does. In any ca [...]

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