Best Small Bookshelf for Home Office: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Having the best small bookshelf for home office can offer plenty of benefits, including saving essential space in the room.

Instead of opting for large and bulky storage solutions, these small units are quite versatile while still offering numerous places for your essentials.

If you need a unit that can be stored in a corner or pieced together with other office furniture, we highly recommend the following five designs.

Best Small Bookshelf for Home Office: Brief Reviews

1. IRIS USA Two-Tier Wood Storage Shelf

Simplicity is the first thing that comes to mind when looking at the IRIS USA Two-Tier Wood Storage Shelf.

Its seamless and contemporary design is the ideal functional piece of furniture for your home office, providing just enough space for a printer, several books, or other office supplies.

Homeowners with large offices will also be able to benefit from its design, as you can quickly put a few of these together to create a custom shelving unit.


Having access to a compact bookcase will allow you to use the space in your office more efficiently.

With two shelves available for storage, you should be able to hold all of your essentials in this storage shelf.

It’s the perfect size for displaying achievements, files, and more, without taking up too much room or becoming the focal point of the space.

What makes this shelving unit unique is that you can opt to use it vertically or horizontally while still having access to two separate storage compartments.

When assembled, you’ll be able to hold up to 66 pounds per shelf, which is quite impressive compared to other bookcases.

As an added benefit, this unit is built from wood, which helps to add to its sturdy and resilient nature.

All of the hardware that you’ll need for assembly is included with your order; all you’ll need is a screwdriver to put it together.


  • Useful for TVs
  • High-quality coating
  • Thick backboard
  • Solid when assembled


  • Shelves are easily damaged
  • Does not have anchoring hardware
  • Poorly drilled holes


2. BON AUGURE Small Bookshelf

The exceptional beauty of the BON AUGURE Small Bookshelf makes it a phenomenal piece for several rooms in your home.

In comparison to other bookcases with a plain aesthetic, this shelving unit is perfect for modern, industrial, or farmhouse-inspired offices.

You may even want to consider buying a couple of units to display throughout your home for an added elegant touch.


With two high-quality shelves, you’ll have plenty of essential storage without owning a piece that is too overbearing for small offices.

Even if you don’t have a separate room in your home for an office, you’ll love having this bookcase on display for guests to see.

Each of the open shelves is fully versatile to accommodate an assortment of items, ranging from memorabilia to printers and small fax machines.

The shelves in the unit are crafted from high-quality MDF, which is quite easy to keep clean with damp and dry cloths.

You’ll also appreciate the metal tube frame that is lightweight but still adds durability to the entire shelf.

As an added feature, there is an X-shaped bracket on the rear of the unit that adds exceptional stability, so the shelf always stays balanced.

Assembling the BON AUGURE Small Bookshelf is as simple as you would expect, especially with the help of the included instructions and hardware.

This clean-lined bookshelf can easily be assembled in 20 minutes, which is perfect for having a quick and easy solution for added office storage.

Another critical feature to note is that each shelf can hold up to 110 pounds at a time.


  • Incredibly stable
  • Easily assembled
  • Arrives with spare parts
  • Highly versatile design
  • High-quality finishes


  • Vinyl covering looks fake
  • Quite small when assembled


3. Sauder Two-Shelf Bookcase

Sauder is one of the premier manufacturers of affordable yet sturdy furniture, and this two-shelf bookcase from its collection could be what you need for your home office.

With a luxurious and traditional finish, this piece is ideal for professional spaces that you’ll be proud to invite people into.

Its small and compact size is ideal for books and little trinkets, as the shelves aren’t as deep as a few other bookcases on this list.


Even though the Sauder two-shelf bookcase might appear to be simple at first, there are a lot of benefits the unit has to offer.

You’ll love how compact its design is without compromising the beauty of the piece, which will surely add to the existing furniture in your office.

Its beautiful contemporary finish will work well, especially as there are numerous finishes to choose from, including Lintel Oak, Estate Black, Chalked Chestnut, Select Cherry, and more.

If you’re searching for a small bookcase that still offers versatility, you’ll love the single removable shelf in this unit.

You can opt to take the shelf out entirely for more substantial items, or you can take advantage of the pre-drilled holes to customize the height of the top or bottom shelf.

Also, the top of the bookcase features a built-in molding that adds a little bit of extra flair to the entire design.

Built using recycled materials sourced in the United States, you can guarantee none of the pieces in this unit have toxic chemicals.


  • Beautiful solid color
  • Resembles solid wood
  • Easy to assemble with instructions
  • Has a reliable maximum weight allowance


  • Screws push through the top
  • May require wood glue


4. Rerii Display Shelves

With a more traditional aesthetic, the Rerii Display Shelves is beautifully finished and adds a little bit of feminine flair to your office space.

You’ll especially love the latticework on the side of the unit, which makes it unique compared to most traditional bookcases.

Homeowners will love how this piece can work perfectly as a storage shelf or as a side table beside your desk.


One of the most exciting features of the Rerii Display Shelves is the material it’s made of; you will find that this shelf is a combination of wood and plastic.

The wood plastic composite, also known as WPC, is a new material that is entirely eco-friendly, allowing you to have a high-quality piece of furniture with minimal environmental impact.

Fortunately, the surfaces are quite easy to keep clean with a wet cloth without the worry of damaging the coating.

You’ll love the lightweight design of this shelf, as well as its beautiful and high-quality finishes, that can breathe a little bit of life into any space.

Instead of dealing with a large and bulky piece of furniture, you’ll find this piece is easy to move, allowing you to create a custom space with less effort.

It’s also important to note the assembly for this unit is substantially more straightforward than you would imagine.

You won’t have to use any tools for assembly, as each of the shelves simply pops into the frame.

If you’re someone who moves a lot, you’ll love how you can take this piece apart without any damage.


  • Perfect for printers
  • Easily pops into place
  • Very easy to handle
  • Ideal for displaying trinkets
  • Thick and high-quality paint


  • May wobble after assembly
  • The material doesn’t look like wood


5. Walker Edison Furniture Company Two-Tier Open Shelf

The Walker Edison Furniture Company Two-Tier Open Shelf seems quite similar to the BON AUGURE piece with its beautiful industrial design.

You’ll love how this shelf will capture the attention of anyone in the room and surely add a little something different to your space.

Paired perfectly with modern and industrial pieces, this compact storage unit is a fantastic option.


The powder-coated metal frame of this unit adds to its durability, as it helps to prevent signs of aging over the years.

Even if you intend to use the shelving unit outside, the metal is rust-resistant, though the shelves are prone to show signs of wear and tear.

You’ll especially love how low this shelving unit sits on the ground, which will give you plenty of wall space to display work-related achievements and other decor pieces.

The shelves are made from a high-grade MDF that is just as resilient as the powder-coated frame.

Also, the vinyl coating looks similar to real wood, which only adds to the aesthetic beauty of the piece.

With the ability to hold up to 50 pounds, you can store up to 150 pounds of office essentials on this entire unit.

Although the shelves aren’t adjustable, there are three sections that you can use for your printer, files, and books without compromising the integrity of the piece.

It also features an entirely open back, which gives you a little bit of extra space for deeper items.


  • Incredibly sturdy
  • Fantastic for electronics
  • Allows easy cable management
  • Assembled in under 30 minutes
  • MDF looks like real wood


  • Poor packaging
  • Corners are easily damaged


Final Verdict

The BON AUGURE Small Bookshelf is undoubtedly our choice for the best small bookshelf for home office, especially if you’re searching for a beautifully designed piece of furniture.

Its exceptional stability and functional storage space work perfectly together to house everything you need from printers to office supplies.

You’ll especially love how it’s put together quickly and arrives with extra hardware.

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