Best Deep Bookcase for Home Office: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Finding the best deep bookcase for home office is ideal for people who need a lot of storage space for bulky office items.

From storing your file folders to stacking numerous books on the shelves, the deeper your storage solution is, the easier it will be to keep your office organized.

If you’ve found bookcases in the past that were far too shallow for your belongings, you’ll love these five pieces of furniture.

Best Deep Bookcase for Home Office Reviews

1. South Shore Furniture City Life Collection Bookcase

With the South Shore Furniture City Life Collection Bookcase, you’ll have a functional piece of furniture that will also look great in any space.

Not only will you be able to place your belongings on display, but you’ll also be able to fit small boxes for additional storage on the shelves.

There are four individual shelves you’ll be able to put to good use for anything, ranging from electronics to other trinkets.


When you start furniture shopping, you’ll want to make sure you introduce pieces that are safe for your home.

The South Shore Furniture bookcase is made using environmentally preferred products, helping to make sure all of the pieces are entirely non-toxic.

Apart from the fact that its contemporary design meshes well with other furniture pieces, it will also be safe for your entire family.

Instead of opting to use real wood, this bookcase features laminated engineered wood with a beautiful black finish.

You’ll find that keeping the bookcase clean is far simpler than with real wood, as you can use gentle detergents to get rid of dirt and grime.

As an added benefit, there are silver-coated feet that add a unique accent to the piece as well as softly curved sides to cut away from the unadorned aesthetic of most other storage solutions.

When it comes time to assemble the shelves, you’ll appreciate that one of the shelves is fixed, and the other two are fully adjustable.

If you know you’ll have multiple items of different heights to put on the shelves, you can create your custom piece to fit all of your essentials.

Luckily, there are pre-installed holes for each shelf, which helps you to prevent making errors during assembly.

With the South Shore Furniture City Life Collection Bookcase, you’ll not only receive everything needed for assembly but a wall mounting bracket as well.

This piece is essential for households with pets and children, as it allows you to anchor the article to your wall for added durability.


  • High-quality finish
  • Assembles within 30 minutes
  • Great for office electronics
  • Arrives with extra hardware


  • Will require reinforcing nails
  • Middle shelf is fixed


2. Furinno Five-Tier Open-Shelf Bookcase

If you’re looking for a bookcase that will fit seamlessly with the other furniture in the room, the Furinno Five-Tier Open-Shelf Bookcase is a unique option.

With a beautiful design that excels in modernism, you’ll love how seamless it looks when assembled while offering an ample amount of storage space at the same time.

Aside from the white finish, there are a few other color options that can add a little bit of life to any space, including green, blue, and pink.


The shelves in the bookcase aren’t the deepest that you’ll find, as they are less than 10 inches deep; however, with five tiers, you will have plenty of alternative storage options.

Its functional and stylish design makes it the perfect piece for home offices, children’s playrooms, or even your kitchen pantry.

Also, as the frame is sleek with straight lines, you can easily mount multiple bookcases together for a full wall shelving unit.

You’ll be surprised by the quality of this bookcase, as the shelves aren’t made with real wood.

The engineered particleboard is exceptionally easy to keep clean with a dry cloth, and the professional vinyl finish is bound to hold up over years of use.

As an affordable option for ample storage, you’ll love having this clean and straightforward bookcase at your disposal.

Ensure that when the unit is assembled, it is placed on a sturdy and flat surface for optimal durability.

You may also want to consider adding protective feet if you intend to place the bookcase on wood floors to prevent scratching.


  • Versatile design
  • Assembles in 20 minutes
  • Has predrilled holes
  • Easily fits into small spaces


  • May require paint touchups
  • Will need additional wood screws


3. DEWEL Four-Shelf Industrial Bookshelf

Industrial furniture has boomed in popularity, and with the DEWEL Four-Shelf Industrial Bookshelf, you’ll have a beautiful place to store your office essentials.

Each of the shelves has a stunning finish that creates a contrast between the metal frame for added luxury.

Measuring in at 55 inches tall, you’ll have plenty of storage for your most essential electronics and files.


The DEWEL Four-Shelf Industrial Bookshelf isn’t incredibly extensive, which makes it perfect for smaller spaces.

You’ll love putting it into a corner in your office or adding multiple units together to create a larger shelving unit.

Fortunately, it features incredibly deep shelves, measuring in at just over 15 inches each.

This bookcase excels in aesthetics, where others might fall flat, making it the focal point of your office.

You’ll also love that there are open ends on every edge of the shelf, which makes it simple to keep clean.

Each shelf is made from E1 particle wood, which adheres to North American Environmental Protection standards.

As an added benefit, the entire bookcase is treated with an anti-scratch coating, which will help it to maintain its beautiful appeal over the years.

Also, the legs are sprayed with an environment-friendly coating that prevents static and enhances the fireproof and waterproof features of the bookcase.

You can guarantee that with the DEWEL Four-Shelf Industrial Bookshelf, you’ll have plenty of storage; there are four individual shelves to put to good use.


  • Has video instructions
  • Assembles in under 30 minutes
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Sturdy when assembled
  • Has an anti-tip kit
  • Beautiful and functional design


  • Metal is sharp
  • Predrilled holes might be incorrect


4. Homfa Bookshelf

With six stunning shelves to use for storing your essentials, the Homfa Bookshelf has plenty of space for you to put to good use.

Its aesthetic design is exceptional, as it looks like a high-quality piece that you would buy from a high-end furniture store.

If you want a sleek and contemporary bookcase for your office, this is undoubtedly one of the better designs to choose from.


The elegance of this bookshelf is one of its most substantial selling features, mainly as it features sleek and clean lines that will work correctly with the other pieces in any room.

You’ll love its functionality as well, as it looks fantastic in home offices, bedrooms, and even bathrooms.

When assembled, you’ll have plenty of storage space for necessary office equipment; however, the shelves aren’t as deep as some of the other designs on this list.

Fortunately, six individual shelves maximize the storage options on this bookcase, so you might not miss the deeper ledges.

You should be able to hold numerous books, accent pieces, and even office supplies to help keep your space organized.

As an added benefit, the Homfa Bookshelf is very easy to assemble and arrives with all of the required pieces to put the unit together.

For your peace of mind, every material used to manufacture this bookcase meets E1 environmental protection standards.


  • Holds 27 pounds per shelf
  • Easy assembly
  • Comes with screw covers
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Sturdy when assembled


  • Non-adjustable shelves
  • Poorly written instructions


5. LANGRIA Bookcases Five-Tier Bookshelf

As another excellent industrial option for your office space, this open-back bookcase is a phenomenal option to have at your disposal.

Featuring five individual shelves, you’ll love the amount of new storage space this piece offers, allowing you to store anything from printers to essential documents.

You’ll also find its design is quite acceptable for other rooms in your home, such as your bedroom.


The LANGRIA Bookcases Five-Tier Bookshelf is perfect for managing organization, especially if you want to add more walking space to your home office.

You can fit a printer, small fax machine, and other electronics to keep your desk area clear and more comfortable.

The beautiful color of the multifunctional shelves acts as an impeccable accent against the deep black metal frame.

For added durability, the metal frame is coated in thick black paint that helps to reduce the number of noticeable scratches over time.

You’ll also appreciate the high-quality finish of the shelves that provide a glossy and clean finish.

As this bookcase is made from engineered particle board, you’ll love how easy it is to maintain.

For your peace of mind, you’ll be glad to know that this piece has an anti-tip design, making it safe for children and pets.

There is also an X-shaped brace at the rear that helps to add reinforcement to the frame to prevent bending and rocking.

The versatility of the LANGRIA Bookcases Five-Tier Bookshelf is an incredibly notable feature, as well.

Unlike other bookcases, this unit can be used both indoors and outdoors, as the coated metal is rust-resistant and durable against the elements.

You might love using it as a place to store your gardening equipment or to keep your garage organized.

Also, each shelf is capable of holding up to 20 pounds, which is a reasonable amount of storage for most items.


  • Fits printers perfectly
  • Challenging to tip
  • User-friendly instructions
  • Space-saving design


  • Screws are easily stripped
  • Shelves may show signs of wear early on


Final Verdict

The DEWEL Four-Shelf Industrial Bookshelf is your best bet if you need the best deep bookcase for home office, especially as the shelves are just under 20 inches deep.

You’ll also love how easy the instructions are to follow, allowing you to assemble the unit in far less time than most other bookcases.

With four functional shelves for storage, it’s the ideal option for any home office.

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