Automation is the Name of the Game

Jun 04, 2020 | Posted by Bobby in Bobby Voicu's Playground

I’ve seen this on TechCrunch today:

Bryter raises $16M for a no-code platform for non-technical people to build enterprise automation apps

2 ideas:

1. I might’ve started too late in life to learn Python to add automations to things in my work life.

Well, what the heck, it’s not like I’ll stop, but it’s good to see no-code platforms growing.

Bryter — a no-code platform based in Berlin that lets workers in departments like accounting, legal, compliance and marketing who do not have any special technical or developer skills build tools like chatbots, trigger automated database and document actions and risk assessors — is today announcing that it has raised $16 million. This is a Series A round and it’s being co-led by Accel and Dawn Capital, with Notion Capital and Chalfen Ventures also participating.

2. Good/Great companies will always find a way to grow/get financing, even during a global pandemic, when people can’t meet face to face.

Michael Grupp, the CEO who co-founded the company with Micha-Manuel Bues and Michael Hübl (pictured below), said that the whole Series A process took no more than a month to initiate and close, an impressive turnaround considering the chilling effect that the COVID-19 health pandemic has had on dealmaking.

You know, when you have a hammer in hand, everything around you is a nail. This is the way I’m seeing automation right now: everywhere I look, there’s some news on automation or something I can automate. I even recommended Zapier as a tool I use in this week’s The CEO Library newsletter.

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