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Sidney Lumet (Movie Director / Dog Day Afternoon)

Simple, clear and consise--just what was needed. A deeply interesting and valuable piece of work.

David Mamet (Playwright, Director / "Glengarry Glen Ross" )

This is the best book on acting written in the last twenty years.

John Guare (Playwright / Six Degrees of Separation)

This terse and lucid handbook might well be for the actor what Strunk and White's The Elements of Style is for the writer.

Robert Benton (Screenwriter, Director / Kramer vs. Kramer)

This book is wonderful. It is clear, direct, and to the point, with none of the hokum that accompanies most books on the theatre, especially about acting. I learned an enormous amount.

Lindsay Crouse (Actress / Places in the Heart)

This beautifully written book offers a clear guide to the most profound acting technique I know. Every young actor should read it, re-read it, and then keep it under his pillow.

Amazon description

This simple and essential book about the craft of acting describes a technique developed and refined by the authors, all of them young actors, in their work with Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Mamet, actor W. H. Macy, and director Gregory Mosher. A Practical Handbook for the Actor is written for any actor who has ever experienced the frustrations of acting classes that lacked clarity and objectivity, and that failed to provide a dependable set of tools. An actor's job, the authors state, is to "find a way to live truthfully under the imaginary circumstances of the play." The ways in which an actor can attain that truth form the substance of this eloquent book.

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